The Kawaii Sushi Cat

My stupidly lazy cat is starving. But she only eats sushi (I know... 😒). Click the toggle button below for instruction (close it before you play for best gaming experience)!

  1. Feed my cat 🍣. For every 🍣 she gets, you get +2 seconds 🕐 as bonus.
  2. Don't feed her anything other than 🍣. Although they might look appetizing, she will get a diarrhea 💩.
  3. Avoid the cage! People are trying to catch and eat my cat! 🙀
  4. If my cat is caught or you are out of time or she isn't fed sushi, she will die 😿 (Game will be restarted).
  5. You will move to the next round for every 3 🍣 she gets. The game will get harder (cage movement speed *= round)! 🙀
  6. Tips on how to win: But I don't think you can. Hehe.
    Finish round 10.
⚡ High Score:
💪 High Round:
⌛ Remaining Time:
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